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Radiosilentplay® provides stock market insight and strategy on how to enter the markets , OTC pinksheet, Nasdaq small caps,option trade setup ideas enable easier and unemotional trading. Radiosilentplay focuses on Stock and options education to meet the needs of beginner and intermediate traders and investors.

After spending years in the trading in New York City, Milton Jayro started the company in 2010 because of the need of basic education and fundamentals of how to invest and breakaway from the taboo of stock trading. Radiosilentplay ultimate goal is to educate Americans how to take control of there finances and understand how important it is to allocate risk. Read More..


The United States has suffered from a hidden tax since 1913 when they were forced into a Centralized monetary policy with the induction of the Federal Reserve, since 1913 the U.S dollar has lost 90% of its value, Since 2008 Market Crash the U.S government and the Federal Reserve has incorporated QE (Quantitative Easing) this is a form of money printing that has caused the markets to inflate and stay afloat with no real fundamental just easy money. This hurts non-investors and labor force because the purchasing power of the dollar collapses and interest rates are lowered to .0%. Therefore people that save money in banks lose value over time. Read More..

Testimonials by non-Traders

An Inspirational video by non -traders in www.dissertationworld.com NYC that traded using the RSP strategy, these are regular people with no background in finance and have never traded before , but are now trading there accounts higher using the RSP strategy and tools. The videos shows brief description of the what RSP premium membership offers, please follow us on all social media outlets:

OTC Buy/Hold/Stop

Trades that are given to RSPpremium members are setups. When the Buy zones trigger entry they are then sent to RSPpremium members via SMS or Google Android App.
So what does this exactly mean?

1) Trade setups - These are potential buy zones levels that will ensure the trader lowest potential risk and higher profit.

a) Buy zone
b) Pivot
c) Potential
d) Stops