Radiosilentplay® provides stock market insight and strategy on how to enter the markets , OTC pinksheet, Nasdaq small caps,option trade setup ideas enable easier and unemotional trading. Radiosilentplay focuses on  Stock and options education to meet the needs of beginner and intermediate traders and investors. After spending years in the trading in  New York City, Milton Jayro started the company in 2010 because of the need of basic education and fundamentals of how to invest and breakaway from the taboo of stock trading. Radiosilentplay ultimate goal is to educate Americans how to take control of there finances and understand how important it is to allocate risk. In today’s economy there is a need for supplemental income. The U.S dollar continues to lose its purchasing power because of the monetary policy caused by the Federal Reserve. In order to be able to keep up with the rising cost of inflation there is a need for adjustments in lifestyle. Here at Radio Silent Play we strive to give ideas on how to make money in a sweltering economy. Learn how to look after your money Current times require supplemental Income. Many people do not understand how to manage Money. Many people do not know that there money makes little to no interest in Long term Investments like CD’s, 401k plans and IRA’s. There are people that only get money from a J.O.B (Just Over Broke). We help members learn how to hedge according to market and trade like the institutional banks. We send our members daily email updates on market news. Our updates consist of market trends and give our followers a sense of what the market TRENDS are.  This allows members to position themselves on the right side of the market in order to profit. Our weekly trade recommendation consist of Stock and Option alerts. These trade ideas are given to members via email and SMS and allows a member to gain thorough research on a stock that we feel has potential upside (stocks/calls) or downside (shorts/puts).These stock recommendations can give members anywhere from 50% to 500% if traded correctly. We guide our members on how to learn basic trading techniques and how to benefit from our stock mentions. We inform members with important news that is rarely given to them by mainstream, and we let members know how to maintain there gains. All information is not promoted so there is no fear of paid promotions. The research is done by a group of seasoned investors  and we eliminate the hardest part of investing for our members. Trade using a strategy avoiding any emotions The objective of this site is to bring traders as a community and provide the best possible Trade to RSP members. With the strategy given to RSP members learn how to set a solid trading plan using Price Pattern Time, Technical Analysis and Supply and Demand techniques. When members join the group they will become part of a trader community and share trading ideas with traders alike and will have access to moderator 24/7. The member will learn how to manage risk, set a trading plan, set goals and stay dicipline on every trade. -Chat room (Intra Day Stock Chat both Stocks and Options) -Market News and Updates -Stock/Option Setups ( entry,exit and stop parameters) -Daily Email Updates (Trade Recaps and Annotated Charts) -24/7 Moderator and One on One Mentor (scheduled phone or chat) -Stocks/Options Education (Chart Analysis and Basic Strategy) -Long Stocks for 401k and Portfolios hedging on Market Conditions (If you only had 5k where would you invest LONG) -Stock Forum and much More 27 jun 2013