Inflation The United States has suffered from a hidden tax since 1913 when they were forced into a Centralized monetary policy with the induction of the Federal Reserve, since 1913 the U.S dollar has lost 90% of its value, Since 2008 Market Crash the U.S government and the Federal Reserve has incorporated QE (Quantitative Easing) this is a form of money printing that has caused the markets to inflate and stay afloat with no real fundamental just easy money. This hurts non-investors and labor force because the purchasing power of the dollar collapses and interest rates are lowered to .0%. Therefore people that save money in banks lose value over time. Inflation chart Unemployment The US is facing a continued down turn in the work force as the Unemployment rate continues to rise, the Government tends to get the numbers in correct as many young and older unemployed stop looking for work. These unemployed individuals are usually College graduates that owe money through Student subsidized loans, which will likely become the next bubble and needed bail out, the average US citizen is in debt over $50,000 and are likely unemployed or not paying there loans. Unemployment Rate 2013   U.S  National DEBT  The U.S National Debt as of now is hovering over 17.2 Trillion dollars and continues to rise on recent Government spending programs such as the Affordable Care Act (Obama care) and continued and ongoing Drone strikes and overseas military spending. With the Federal Reserve continuing to print money, bond buying programs the U.S dollar could see a panic and loss in confidence, as of now the U.S Dollar is the Global Reserve currency of the world, but with recent news of China ending its bond buying and rumors of switching the Reserve Currency to the Yuan the dollar could see significant loss in value and could likely see hyper inflation at some point. Currency Collapse has happened in Europe, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Zimbabwe and other places the U.S could be headed that way if Government spending and Fed QE is not addressed.

National Debt


The Bond Bubble is probably the biggest Bubble of the century, The biggest honor of Treasury Bonds is China and the FED is 90% of the purchaser of bonds, with yields being manipulated to lowest along with interest rates, any pressure caused by selling or China pulling out of Bonds could signal a big crash in the bond markets, this would be caused by higher yields and would force higher interest rates at a rapid rate, this would ultimately cause a domino effect and a collapse in the Housing and Bond Market.

FED owns all bonds


Consumer Price Index GDP

The U.S has lost any real revenue from trade and has really not produced anything in the last decade, the U.S is the biggest producer of CORN for now but this is alarming as the biggest export right now is bonds and fake debt, the U.S is slowly becoming dependent in the World and likely the biggest importer of Chinese good, this is the only reason that China does not sell there bonds because they throw cheap goods to the U.S and they eventually grow at a faster rate. The bottom line is without Apple and Google the U.S is stalling in innovation and production and with the amount of spending the U.S does this is unsustainable and a mathematical collapse is highly possible

Consumer Price Index

propecia not worth it if you find any bugs, canada, mexico , india, have a feature request or just you can even enter bugs directly into my bugtracker, but you must register acknowledges that the Global Economy is a mess and the U.S is probably the worst off economically since the 1920 depression, but with disaster comes opportunity. Radiosilentplay uses this dire situation to help position its traders on the right side of the trade. Institutions are fully aware of this but they will sway the public to spending on things they do not need, going to colleges that are way to expensive and get Americans to get in more debt.

We will teach members on how to create money in order to position themselves for an oncoming correction or a Global Economic Reset, our main objective is to make a harsh condition/reality into a profitable situation for our team members and upto now this is what we have done.

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