investing LONG


Long Investments- These are stocks to be held for months to years for the LONG TERM. There will be entry levels just like regular trades with Trigger and accumulation buy areas along with STOPS. These are stocks with Fundamentals along with chart analysis with buy zone areas at master support ranges. The stocks mentioned are going to be mentioned to go higher in regards to Central Bank Inflation and devaluation of Currency , Innovative Tech and bonified companies with strong fundamentals, these will not be OTC companies , these will be stocks that will complement a personalized Savings and Investment account.

Money Management-When buying these stocks remember to use the same amount for all stocks

Example if you buy ABCD for $1000 then you would buy EFGH for $1000


Nov 25, 2013

OVRL (Overland Data Inc) .94 The stock coming off 52 week bottom at .79 now in a box pattern formation and looks to be consolidating before a breakout. The stock looking to break key resistance of .96 watch for the buy zone areas of .80. The average 3 month volume on the stock is 128k shares and on Friday the stock saw 3 million shares traded and it was up 6% on the day. This is tech stock that deals with high end servers for Data storage with the latest healthcare Bill these will likely be in higher demand as now everyone in the nation will be mandated health care , records and transfer of records will be a big sector in the coming year.

52 Week low support .79 Box Support .84 Buy zone accumulation .80-.90 Pivot Price .0096 Potential Target 1.05-1.30

STOP close below .79

OVRL sets up